Source code for graphbrain.agents.__init__

from graphbrain.agents.actors import Actors
from graphbrain.agents.claim_actors import ClaimActors
from import Claims
from graphbrain.agents.conflicts import Conflicts
from graphbrain.agents.corefs_dets import CorefsDets
from graphbrain.agents.corefs_names import CorefsNames
from graphbrain.agents.corefs_onto import CorefsOnto
from graphbrain.agents.reddit_parser import RedditParser
from graphbrain.agents.corefs_unidecode import CorefsUnidecode
from graphbrain.agents.taxonomy import Taxonomy
from graphbrain.agents.txt_parser import TxtParser

[docs]def create_agent(name, hg): """Creates and returns an instance of the agent identified by the given name. Throws an exception if no such agent is known.""" if name == 'actors': return Actors(hg) elif name == 'claim_actors': return ClaimActors(hg) elif name == 'claims': return Claims(hg) elif name == 'conflicts': return Conflicts(hg) elif name == 'corefs_dets': return CorefsDets(hg) elif name == 'corefs_names': return CorefsNames(hg) elif name == 'corefs_onto': return CorefsOnto(hg) elif name == 'corefs_unidecode': return CorefsUnidecode(hg) elif name == 'reddit_parser': return RedditParser(hg) elif name == 'taxonomy': return Taxonomy(hg) elif name == 'txt_parser': return TxtParser(hg) else: RuntimeError('unknown agent: {}'.format(name))