Source code for graphbrain.meaning.actors

from graphbrain.meaning.corefs import main_coref

[docs]def is_actor(hg, edge): """Checks if the edge is a coreference to an actor.""" if edge.type()[0] == 'C': return hg.exists(('actor/P/.', main_coref(hg, edge))) else: return False
[docs]def find_actors(hg, edge): """Returns set of all coreferences to actors found in the edge.""" actors = set() if is_actor(hg, edge): actors.add(main_coref(hg, edge)) if not edge.is_atom(): for item in edge: actors |= find_actors(hg, item) return actors
[docs]def actors(hg): """"Returns an iterator over all actors.""" return [edge[1] for edge in'(actor/P/. *)')]